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With a focus on every detail, this unique spa is legendary for its ability to sooth the body, mind and spirit.

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About the Dewberry Spa

This article by one of South Carolina’s prolific feature writers, Patra Taylor, who introduces readers to the luxurious Dewberry Spa, tucked inside the Dewberry Charleston, a beleaguered federal building turned destination hotel. And what’s a destination hotel without a spa? But as you’ll read, the Dewberry isn’t just any spa…it’s a spa worth traveling halfway around the world to visit.

About Charleston Style & Design

Charleston Style & Design is a quarterly magazine for the discriminating reader who has a zest for living and is eager to discover new horizons in Charleston and the Lowcountry. It is the premiere design publication in the Charleston area. Quentin Senise is the publication’s publisher, and Debra Kronowitz is the editor. Patra Taylor is one of many talented feature writers who regularly contribute to the quarterly publication.

Quote from article: “Once clients step beyond the reception area, they are enveloped in a fresh, subtle fragrance that comes from the cypress-paneled walls. This distinctive scent mingles with the gentle sound of water flowing from a fountain. Here, clients begin their personal journeys from the stress of daily life to complete euphoria. With a focus on every detail, this unique spa is legendary for its ability to sooth the body, mind and spirit.”


Author: Patra Taylor

A freelance writer for three decades, Patra Taylor is currently a regular columnist and features correspondent for the Charleston Mercury. In that capacity, she has interviewed numerous Charleston celebrities along with a few national figures including FOX News political commentator, Tucker Carlson; Washington, D.C. insider-turned-winemaker, Bear Dyke; and country music singer/songwriter, Philip Claypool. She is also a regular contributor to Charleston Style and Design and the Southeast Film Guide.

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