Consents, concerns and failure to fit

Hey, pharmaceutical companies! We aging Baby Boomers are neither deaf nor stupid!

Here’s some senior humor by Charleston Mercury columnist, Patra Taylor.

Meet the Intergalactic Interloper

“Have you heard this news story about how some universities are requiring students to have a written agreement before they have…well, you know?” I asked my husband as I pointed to the television.

Stephen smirked. “Nothing says amour quite like a signed affidavit.”

My husband. Always the grammarian…and smart aleck. Continue reading “Consents, concerns and failure to fit”

Meet Amy Heath

Heath’s diligence, along with her willingness to do whatever it takes to make filming a pleasure in her city has resulted in an impressive list of productions.

Read About Amy Heath

The Southeast Film Guide is a resource guide featuring articles, location information, bios and support services specifically written for film industry professionals. In the article, Meet Amy Heath by one of the area’s feature writers, Patra Taylor, readers learn how North Charleston’s film industry advocate. Heath promotes North Charleston as a great place to live and work, a great place to visit, and a great place to film movies and television series. Continue reading “Meet Amy Heath”

The journey begins

If Fitzpatrick was the flame that ignited the Sacred Spaces Project, then Bedenbaugh is the jet fuel needed to move it forward. Fitzpatrick’s initial hope was to raise enough money to save two or three sacred spaces. Bedenbaugh hopes to save them all.

Sacred Spaces

The Journey Begins is the first in a series by Patra Taylor about Preservation South Carolina’s efforts to save the state’s rural historic churches and temples.

Our Photo Gallery features images of just a few of South Carolina’s at-risk  rural Sacred Space. All images were taken by author/photographer Bill Fitzpatrick. These images are used here with permission. Continue reading “The journey begins”

Who is John Frum?

The long version of the story of John Frum and cargo cults requires an in-depth foray into history, anthropology and human psychology. But anyone dismissing the indigenous people of Tanna’s cultism as situational ignorance should take a good look around.

What is a cargo cult?

In January 2019, Patra Taylor decided to jump into the world of ob ed writers…quite the transformation from the family humor she specialized in for a decade and a half. When she bumped into John Frum deep into the internet byways, she knew immediately she had to re-introduce him to the world. So, Who is John Frum? Continue reading “Who is John Frum?”