The Opium Wars

What’s most disturbing about this silent declaration of war on American is that the Chinese don’t use warships and warplanes to deliver their deadly payloads. They’re using a sophisticated delivery system for their weapons of mass destruction called “FedEx, UPS, Amazon and the United States Postal Service.” That’s so ingenious it takes my breath away.

China is at war with the West, in general, and the United States, in particular. It has been aggressively stealing technology from other countries for decades. It’s built a cyber army that, according to the Department of Defense, is targeting our aviation and anti-submarine warfare technologies, among other things. Through the use of technology (much of it stolen), China has gained nearly complete control over its population, redefining “Big Brother state.” China has built a system of “vocational education and training centers” that are nothing more than internment camps for dissidents, mainly Uyghur Muslims now, but could easily accommodate anyone that gets in their way. These camps are operated outside China’s captive legal system. And China has made no bones about the fact they intend to be a military superpower by 2049. But first they have to neutralize the world’s current superpower. Continue reading “The Opium Wars”