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Meet Patra Taylor

A freelance writer for nearly three decades, Patra Taylor cut her professional teeth writing real estate advertising copy. While not technically humor, it helped her hone her skills in the use of hyperbole, shameless exaggeration and pure unadulterated hokum…important tools in the craft of humor writing.

In the early 1990s, she wrote and co-produced a television commercial series called Lawtalk, a humorous examination of the law. (How hard could that be?) In 1993, Lawtalk won numerous Addy Awards, and was declared, “the best local advertising in the nation produced for under $5,000.”

Photo of Patra Taylor
Patra Taylor

Then in 2002, she landed her first work as a humor columnist. “Kitchen Sink Chronicles” became a readers’ favorite in the Charleston Mercury. As her life evolved, so did her column. After 10 years of the Chronicles, the Mercury became home to Taylor’s column, “Gray Matters,” which chronicled her brave fight against her mortal enemy, Aging.

About the turn of the century, she became the local editor of Discover Charleston, and its sister publications, Connoisseur, Vacation Guide and Sea Island Concierge. Discover Charleston is featured in 12,000 upscale guest rooms throughout the Charleston area.

Taylor is currently a regular columnist and features correspondent for the Charleston Mercury. In that capacity, she has interviewed numerous Charleston celebrities and a few national figures including Tucker Carlson of FOX News; Bear Dyke, Washington, D.C. insider turned winemaker; and Philip Claypool, a country music singer and songwriter.

She is also a regular contributor to Charleston Style and Design and the Southeast Film Guide.

Today, patrataylor.com is the exclusive forum for her no-holds-barred brand of autobiographical humor. She is a living testament to the notion that “odd” is a whole lot more fun than “normal.”