Death and taxes

Living forever sounds like a full-time job to me, and doesn’t seem to include the orange juice and a half a bag of Ruffles® I had for breakfast.

Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” If you believe Ray Kurzweil, the modern-day Thomas Edison, by the end of the 21st century Franklin’s adage may have to be altered to read, “The only thing certain in life is taxes.”

Kurzeweil, a proponent of the coming singularity–a technological “event horizon,” of sorts, in which we mere humans will be able to augment our bodies and minds with a cocktail that includes genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics resulting in the emergence of greater-than-human super-intelligence–teamed up with Terry Grossman, M.D. to devise a prescription to halt the aging process so we can all be around (barring being hit by a meteor) in mid-century when our evolution is expected to take a giant leap forward. Here’s what these two suggest in their book, “Transcend”: Continue reading “Death and taxes”

Consents, concerns and failure to fit

Hey pharmaceutical companies! We aging Baby Boomers are neither deaf nor stupid!

“Have you heard this news story about how some universities are requiring students to have a written agreement before they have…well, you know?” I asked my husband as I pointed to the television.

Stephen smirked. “Nothing says amour quite like a signed affidavit.”

My husband. Always the grammarian…and smart aleck. Continue reading “Consents, concerns and failure to fit”