Beyond the marker

“Mulberry Methodist and many of the rural churches and temples I’ve photographed are in dilapidated condition, and no one seems to have the resources to preserve what was important enough to place on the National Register of Historic Places.”

Sacred Spaces

Beyond the marker is the third in a series by Patra Taylor about Preservation South Carolina’s efforts to save the state’s rural historic churches and temples.

If you wish to start from the beginning…

The first in the series, The journey begins, appeared in the March 2019 issue. Here’s an excerpt: Having lived in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville during his adult life, Fitzpatrick knew South Carolina’s history through the lens of big cities. But the towns and districts he’d passed traveling from one city to the next never registered with him…until now.”

The second in the series, The road to Prosperity, appeared in the April 2019 issue. Here’s an excerpt:  “Our work is not about the monumental architecture,” states Bedenbaugh. “It’s about the monumental stories. History is a man-made thing. It’s about the human experience.”

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